Message Team

The messaging team communicates the message of Life Action in various ways, including church conferences, national conferences, radio broadcasts, magazines, books and many others.

Nancy DeMoss

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Revive Our Hearts Division Director


Nancy Leigh DeMoss grew up in a family deeply committed to Christ and to the mission of world evangelization. At an early age, she surrendered her life to Christ and to His call to fulltime service.

Nancy is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and graduated from the University of Southern California. Since 1980, she has served on the staff of Life Action, traveling for a number of years on the road with Life Action's founder and his family, sharing revival truths with women in various summits.  She also served as the editor of Spirit of Revival magazine for 25 years.

For the last ten years, Nancy has touched millions of women's lives through Revive Our Hearts (an outreach of Life Action Ministries) and the True Woman Movement, calling women to true biblical womanhood and freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ. Nancy's love for the Word and the Lord Jesus are infectious, and permeate her online outreaches, conference messages, books, and two daily nationally syndicated radio programs-Revive Our Hearts and Seeking Him with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Nancy has authored fourteen books, including Lies Women Believe, A Place of Quiet Rest, Seeking Him, and True Woman 101: Divine Design. More than 2,000,000 copies have been sold, and they continue to transform women's hearts and lives.


 Del Fehsenfeld

Del Fehsenfeld

Communications Group Division Director, Pastoral Services Director, & Chief Pastoral Officer


Del completed a Master's Degree in marriage and family therapy, and worked as a counselor before joining Life Action Ministries in 1996. He serves as Senior Editor and Pastoral Services Director, and is involved in a combination of writing, counseling, and speaking responsibilities. Del is the editor of Revive magazine, and directs content and communications for Life Action's publications, media, and Internet. He also chairs the Pastoral Services Council, the team charged with the pastoral care of Life Action's staff, and provides theological, message, and counseling oversight for the ministry. He and his wife, Debra, live in Buchanan, Michigan, and are the proud parents of four children: Shepard, Kária, Chálissa, and Sōl.



Steve Canfield, Blue Team Lead Revivalist


Upon graduating from Bible college with a degree in Bible and counseling, Steve served as a youth pastor in Illinois. Since joining Life Action Ministries in 1975, he has communicated family-centered, revival-oriented truths to over a million people in churches, camps, public high schools, and civic auditoriums.


He and his wife, Debby, have six children and have committed their lives to believing God for a nationwide revival.




Jimmy Herdklotz

Jimmy Herdklotz, Blue Team Family Instructor


Jimmy grew up in a Christian home and attended Christian college. He joined Life Action in 1988 and served as the Outreach Director and a family speaker for the Life Action Camp. He specializes in life-to-life ministry and one-on-one conversations.


Lori is a trophy of God’s grace. Her journey has taken her from a dysfunctional childhood home to a point of ministry to families. For the last 15 years, she has served alongside her husband, taking on the roles of office administration, interior design, and event planning. Her gift of hospitality has been invaluable to her family and to The Camp.


Jimmy and Lori have been married 20 years and have 4 sons: Jonathan, Austin, Cameron, and Bradley. They are now traveling with the Blue Team, where Jimmy serves as a Family Revivalist and Lori continues her ministry to women.



Ryan Loveing

Ryan Loveing, White Team Lead Revivalist


Ryan is a Jewish believer whose grandparents immigrated to America from Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. While pursuing a professional career as a businessman in Sarasota, Florida, Ryan’s life was profoundly changed in 1994 during a Life Action summit. Subsequently, God called Ryan and Maryann to join the staff of Life Action Ministries.


They live in Niles, Michigan, with their six children: Margo, Shawna, Austin, Holly, Christa, and Samuel.



Gregg Simmons

Gregg Simmons, Read Team Lead Revivalist


Gregg was born in a Christian home in Houston and grew up in Texas and Oklahoma. Called by God to pastoral ministry at age 16, he graduated from Baylor University and Liberty Baptist Seminary and served as a local church pastor for almost thirty years, most recently as lead pastor of Church at the Cross in Grapevine, TX.


Gregg’s relationship with Life Action began in the early 1990s when he hosted the first of four Life Action teams for extended meetings. In 2007 he began serving as a part-time staff revivalist with Life Action before accepting an invitation to serve full time in 2013. He is an experienced family counselor, family life speaker, and Bible conference speaker, and has served on advisory boards for community, state, and national ministries. He has a great passion to see spiritual renewal in the home, church, and nation.


Gregg and his wife, Patti, have been married since 1981 and have three grown children, a son-in-law, and a daughter-in-law.



Gerard Du Toit

Gerhard Du Toit, Speaker Team


Originally from South Africa, Gerhard was brought up in the Dutch Reformed Church and trained as an evangelist there. He has had extensive evangelistic experience in South Africa, where his ministry is greatly appreciated. He has also been engaged in convention and evangelistic ministry in the British Isles.


Gerhard has resided in Canada, with his wife and daughter, since 1987. He is a coveted speaker in conferences around the world. His powerful preaching and authoritative, biblical message greatly bless and move the hearts of those who hear him. He also has a deep burden to see a revival of praying men. Like the prophet Jeremiah, his heart burns for an elevated standard of godliness in our day.


Mark Bearden

Mark Bearden, Speaker Team


A native-born Texan, Mark graduated from college with degrees in Bible and Business Administration. He then joined Life Action Ministries, traveling on one of the teams as prayer intercessor, leader of the ministry to singles, and then revivalist. He met his wife, Amy, in Life Action, and they were married in 1992.


Whether in private prayer or public speaking opportunities, Mark carries a deep personal burden for God to bring genuine revival to the churches in America, and he has devoted his life to that purpose. He and Amy have five children: Sarah, Abigail, John Mark, Matthew and Luke. Mark currently conducts prayer conferences and serves as a staff revivalist for Life Action teams.



Laine Johnson

Laine Johnson, Speaker Team


A Louisiana native, Laine was called by God into full-time ministry at the age of 17. His burden for revival and awakening and ministry only intensified during college.

After graduating, Laine served as a part-time pastor while also teaching Bible at a Christian academy. After finishing seminary in 1991, he pastored two churches in Tennessee and Arkansas.


In the summer of 1996, Laine and his wife, Janet, came to Life Action to fulfill his burden for revival. They have six children: Lydia, Hannah, Rebekah, Samuel, Abigail, and Nathanael.