BLOG: True Humility

Byron Paulus
Wed, Sep 5, 2007
True Humility? September 5, 2007 Our Thirst team began their ministry this past weekend in the small community of Aledo in western Illinois. I was checking in with Trent Griffith, who leads this team, just to see how the services went on Sunday. During our discussion, he said, “By the way, one of our team members, who served all last year on this team, is from this town. In fact, I just discovered he is the town hero! He was starting wide receiver and back-up quarterback of the football team and helped them win two consecutive state championships.” Trent continued, “It is pretty amazing. I was with him all last year, and I never knew it . . . nor did our team!” I was with another one of our teams on Monday, and to my surprise, they did not know of Jordan’s high school football accomplishment either, nor did it surprise them. They said he was athletic, and had won our annual LAM triathlon in record time last year . . . but that he has a godly, humble spirit. “He just does not focus on himself,” they told me. In this age of self-centered and self-asserting lifestyles, what a refreshment to my spirit to discover someone who considers personal acclaim unimportant. My mind raced to Proverbs 20:6: “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?” I wonder, what is the connection . . . between being faithful and finding it unnecessary to bring attention to our own achievements? We know that eight chapters later the Scriptures say, “A faithful man will abound with blessings . . . .” Jordan and these two proverbs reinforce a key cutting-edge commitment of Life Action Ministries. Simply put, faithfulness is more important than success. It is our responsibility to take care of the depth of our ministry and let God take care of its breadth. Thanks, Jordan, for ministering to me and a host of others by your heart’s desire to exalt Jesus with your life!


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