BLOG: Changing America . . . through prayer!

Byron Paulus
Wed, Sep 26, 2007

This past week I had the joy of joining several hundred other pastors, ministry workers, and marketplace leaders in NYC to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the famed Fulton Street Prayer Meeting. Most historians would agree that this seemingly meager gathering on September 23, 1857, became the launching pad of the Third Great Awakening in our nation. The statistics are staggering. Within one year:

  • 10,000 people in NYC were gathering daily to pray. This was replicated in cities across our nation.
  • In New York and elsewhere, every available building was needed to make room for people who wanted to gather for prayer.
  • There were one million new converts in America, out of a population of 28 million.
  • Europe reported entire towns being converted.
  • Ultimately, it shook nations around the world for Christ! 
  • I went largely unnoticed. No one seemed to care about prayer. I was reminded that when Jeremiah Lanphier started that prayer meeting, he must have felt alone. Though publicized widely, no one showed up for the first 30 minutes, and then only six people participated. But God was there!

    Fulton Street is a symbol of the power in God’s economy of one person, one place, one passion, one purpose. And it is a lesson that God is not a respecter of persons. ANYBODY, however ordinary, however limited, can be a major player. It is also a modern David and Goliath story—the giants of secularism, materialism, and moral indifference can be toppled by prayer and divine power.

    It’s still true today. “The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!”

    That is why Life Action is in the midst of two special efforts that are critical to reaching our nation:

    1. The National Weekly Prayer Meeting for Revival broadcast. Every Saturday morning at 10 ET, national leaders are gathering to seek Him for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit in revival and awakening. It is being broadcast on dozens of radio stations and via Internet at

    2. PRAY 12. A few weeks ago our staff began praying for revival every noon. It may be a brief prayer or it may be an extended time of petition. But we are asking God for revival. And we are asking Him to mobilize others who would make noontime prayer a priority. We are distributing over 150,000 clear stickers with the simple words 12 PRAY written on them. What if 150,000 people would join us in placing those stickers on their watches as a simple reminder to pray for revival at noon each day . . . and they did pray?

    Please pray for our three teams, as they are in the middle of summits and conferences in Indiana, Florida, and North Carolina. Also, our women’s ministry with Nancy Leigh DeMoss is conducting a regional conference in the Dallas, Texas, this Friday and Saturday. There is a Pastors’ Retreat going on at The Lodge, and our Fall Family Camps begin soon.

    Lives are being transformed by God’s divine power. I read the following testimony of one changed life, from one of our local church summits. As I did, I began to realize the power of hundreds of others like this one, and the difference it is making in our culture!

    The Lord found me holding onto the same sin I’ve held onto for 15 years. I’m 25 now, so I’ve spent most of my life in bondage. I was saved at a young age, but this sin has kept me so dry and empty. Pornography has kept me so ashamed and embarrassed that I’ve kept it to myself all along. This week God gave me the grace to bring my sin out into the open and deal with it. I now have men around me to hold me accountable. I have spent more time in the past week with God than ever before. I pray with my wife. Our relationship has grown so much. The Lord has filled our home with peace and joy. Praise God!


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